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Providing our youth with all the resources needed to thrive to become contributing citizens for the future of our community 

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Kierra Childs

Kierra Childs is the Founder and Executive Director of the Childs Play Foundation, Inc.

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Kierra has been involved in youth sports from childhood as a participant through adulthood as a cheer coach and leader. Over the years, she’s gained an understanding and passion for community involvement as she continues to give back to the Detroit community.  

Her tenure as a cheer coach for two youth football and cheer organizations taught her invaluable leadership skills which prepared her for her role as a Vice President of one organization and President of the same youth organization that she grew up in. 

Her experience has given her a deep appreciation for how nonprofit organizations seek to improve the quality of life for OUR children. After witnessing, firsthand, children having a desire but not the resources to participate in sports that they not only love, but would keep them safe, productive, and within a family-like community, Kierra was motivated to start the Childs Play Foundation, Inc.

"I`ve watched talented children quit when they don’t have cleats to practice or when registration money is due. I`ve watched them ask for handouts at the gas station and through all of this, I realized that I must be the change that I want to see – specifically changing the trajectory of inner-city youth experience."

Correy Childs

Corey Childs is the Founder of Childs Play Foundation, Inc.

Born and raised on the eastside and Westside of Detroit, MI. Corey attended Detroit Public Schools, graduating in 1997 from Detroit Henry Ford, High School.

Corey has experience in youth sports by participating since childhood. Corey also was never a smaller-sized kid and this is why he understands the importance of fighting obesity and making sure children are active in sports.

Childs Play Foundation

Coming from a single-parent household with his mother Cattie Childs and eldest brother Clinton Childs, he experienced loving support from his mother. However, they also experienced the financial constraint it put on his mother paying for sports activities while maintaining a household. Corey is so determined to find a better way to provide for families and the youth. This motivated him to start CPF, Inc. along with his wife and Co-Founder, Kierra Childs.

Corey and Kierra met on the football field while they were volunteering where Corey was a football coach and Kierra was the President of the West Side Cubs youth football and cheer program. This makes this impact even more powerful to accomplish by building his mission and vision with Childs Play Foundation, Inc. in the Detroit communities.

In 2009, Corey started volunteering as a coach for the little league under Detroit P.A.L. with the Detroit Panthers and West Side Cubs, GYMS, and Pro Camps. Since then, Corey has also coached High School football and as a volunteer coach at Detroit Loyola. In 2011, he began his coaching career as a position coach for MHSAA, Michigan High School Athletic Association at Detroit Henry Ford, Southfield Bradford, and in 2020 Track and Filed for Cranbrook High School and Junior Varsity Head Coach for Cranbrook. 2019-2020 Corey served for Vista Maria & Insight youth and family connections formerly known as Starr Vista, a non-profit organization, as a youth coach and After School Activities Program Coordinator.

Corey is dedicated to finding resources for low-income youth in Detroit (Wayne County) to be able to play sports for free.

"I`m all about our community and I care about our youth's mental and physical health. This is what we are here for at Childs Play Foundation, to help our people out."

Board of directors

Dawn Ellis- Johnson


Regina Harrison

Funding Development Member

Mashell Lawson

Board Member

Janey Lamar, Esq

Board Member

Jetta Moten

Board Member

Tyrone Davidson

Board Member

Nick O'Shea

Sports & Community Liasion

Payton Harvey

Brand Ambassador


The Childs Play Foundation (CPF) mission is to provide at-risk and marginalized boys and girls (ages 3-18) access to much-needed sports programs, academic services, financial literacy, nutritional guidance, money management, higher education, and transportation.
To that end, our foundation focuses on providing financial assistance and equipment to both traditional and nontraditional sports (i.e., football, soccer, basketball, baseball, chess, lacrosse, swimming, gymnastics, dance, and cheer), as well as mentoring services, conflict resolution, leadership development, financial literacy, and higher education.
Our efforts will help to cohesively develop healthy bodies and healthy minds of area youth, readying them to become physically, mentally, socially, academically, and financially competitive in today's world. This makes The Childs Play Foundation one of the most diverse Foundations in the Metro Detroit.
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Our Values:


- Community
We are strengthening, building, and fulfilling the needs of marginalized areas 


- Healing
We prioritize empathy and compassion while promoting sound mind and bodies


- Integrity
We practice honesty, dependability, and loyalty and have strong moral principles


- Loving
We treat every youth we encounter as our own and promote loving each other as a community


- Dedication
We are dedicated to uplifting the youth socially, morally, and mentally through time, commitment, & programing