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Sand Tray Play Therapy Workshop


Available 3 Saturdays:

January 28, 2017
February 25, 2017
rch 25, 2017

10 am to 3 pm 

Includes lunch and snacks


Isaiah’s Place

14 Hickory Ave
Yankeetown, Florida 34498

Training Description: Workshop for experiential exposure to Sand Tray Play Therapy. 

 Non-directive, child centered play therapy uses a “way of being fully present” in the environment of play. Utilizing communication skills of tracking behavior, reflecting content, reflecting feelings thoughts and ideas are learned in this workshop through experiential sand tray play.  Encouraging esteem building, facilitating decision-making, and facilitating responsibility are also skills that are utilized by play therapists with children.  Working through the safe and protected environment utilizing the therapist and toys are practiced in the microcosm of the sand tray experience.  This workshop will provide an overview of the history, principles, and neurobiology of play therapy involving sand trays as well as provide the participant an opportunity to practice both the builder and the witness role in the sand tray play therapy experience. 

Sand Tray Play for Therapists

APT Provider # 08-216
Penny L. Phares MSN, ARNP/RPTS
$80 APT Members
$85 non-members


 Child’s Play Foundation
14 Hickory Ave
Yankeetown, Florida 34498


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Workshops are limited to
8 participants each


Participants will

  1. Learn about the therapeutic rationale for play therapy using SandTray
  2. Experience practice as sand play builder in play therapy.
  3. Experience practice with skills utilized as sand play witness for others in play therapy.
  4. Consider the neurobiological evidence in sand and play.

Mission Statement

The Child’s Play Foundation, Inc is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1998 for the purpose of providing therapeutic intervention for children who have experienced trauma or behavior difficulties.  Utilizing evidence-based interventions in practice, the Child’s Play Foundation employs licensed mental health therapists who provide child centered and family friendly interventions that reflect sound clinical practice.

Child’s Play Foundation continues to expand its scope to provide play therapy and play therapy training.  In addition to securing funds for therapies and training, the Foundation also provides resources in the field of play therapy, sand tray play and all expressive therapies that assist children as they process their thoughts and feelings.

In the belief that God creates all children and that families are designed for the purpose of protecting, training and nurturing children, Child’s Play Foundation is based on Biblical principles.  Utilizing references from neurobiological as well as psychosocial literature, parents are taught a model of childhood brain development and behavior that encourages family mutuality and co creation.

Although this format of intervention is most sought after by a Christian subculture, parents from all walks of life find it refreshing and understandable. Behavior is seen as an outcome of the information, thoughts and feelings that have networked in the child’s brain and the child’s environment...

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