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The entire family feels a child's dilemma of dealing with grown-up situations. Sometimes the problems are large and permanent when parents divorce or suddenly die, or cease to be part of the family unit due to incarceration or addiction. Sometimes the child's problems start out small and then turn into larger issues as the child grows because the difficulties are not addressed in the early stages.

Often a child is disabled or has a sibling who commands the constant attention of both the mother and father. Some problems hurt badly like trauma or abuse and require both physical and emotional care. Daily family obstacles frequently create spin off behaviors or very tough living conditions for a child.

Having professional support to work through these difficulties and uncover a solution based on Biblical principles and Christian love is the mission of the Isaiah Foundation and Child's Play Foundation. Our goal is to serve the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of a family with special problems through crisis counseling and coordinated care.

Family Support is funded by the Isaiah Foundation and Child's Play Foundation. Donations to either of these non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations are tax deductible.